Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TeachHUB Summer Giveaway & other great finds!

Ok, I don't usually post about giveaways, but as the school year approaches, we all need a little surprise.  TeachHUB has a great summer giveaway and you can access the page here at: . It's free and you might win some swag.  Oh, but don't tell my children I called it swag, they think I am way to old to be calling it that. 

    Another great item you could win this summer is a Casio Prism.  Ok, this requires a little more work then just checking out a site.  You have to take their on-line 3 part course.  Once you are done, the calculator is yours.  You must finish the courses by September 15th.  You can access that giveaway here:

  Teaching Blog Addict has a page set aside just for teacher giveaways.  Check in every week and see if she has something you want.  These items could be teacher created or offered by a company.  But still free.  Check her site out here:

   Who doesn't love Oriental Trading?  They have a $500 a week giveaway until August 25th.  You must enter weekly and only once:
  Well that's all for now.  I am not real lucky, but if I never enter, I am sure not to win.  So I am going to try my luck, hope you do to.

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