Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CAMT 2012

Today I attended the first day of a three day conference being held in Houston, Texas.  This year makes the 10th year I have had the fortune of attending CAMT (Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teachers) in my home state of Texas. 

    Today (July 18th) I attended some great sessions like Todd Whitaker's "What Great Teachers Do Differently", talked with a great friend (Jean Frankie), walked the exhibit hall and met the producer (Jimmy Pascascio) of one of my favorite teacher tube videos Mr. QUE and PEMDAS, tweeted about laughing and building your PLN and volunteered monitoring rooms.  All in all, I'd say I had an awesome day.

Tomorrow I have some great sessions lined up and I am presenting iPads & iTouches for iMath, with my colleague and friend Casey Chapman.  Only downfall is I'm missing the great luncheon and speaker Debbie Silver.  But it's ok, my session is going to rock.  Friday I present again with Casey. This time she takes the lead in a Smart board session.  She is so techy and helps answer all my "I'm stuck" questions. 

 If you are attending the iPads & iTouch for iMath session, here is the link to my presentation:
Or you can access the presentation through Edmodo by joining my new group Techy Math @ sijoe4. I hope to add more tech info and other presentations here.

If for some reason you can not access the presentation, just shoot me an e-mail at or contact me via tweeter @dakretschmer and I will be glad to get you the presentation.

As the conference closes on Friday, I will reflect on the past few days and begin planning next years adventure.

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