Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wetoku what? I have to do a live what? A Live Chat! Ok, I was not looking forward to this because I don't like to be videotaped. You know the reasons. My makeup looks bad(but I don't wear any). Is my hair ok. Will I say something dumb? And the list could go on. Thank goodness my colleague and friend, Casey Chapman, agreed to be the other guinea pig in my experiment with Wetoku.
The tool is extremely cool. I have watched Lisa Dabbs(@teachingwithsoul) use Wetoku three times interviewing teachers from across the country. Each week we have had an assignment to do about some tech tool. The first two weeks Lisa used a Voki, which is also neat. But the following weeks we were able to hear first hand from teachers about how they used the technology in their classrooms.
So how does it work? Just go to Wetoku an sign up for your free account. Once you have invited a colleague to join in the Wetoku, your ready to go. They do not need an account. You fill in the title and add the interviewee's name, and your ready to get the URL to send their way. Once they connect to the URL, you will see each other on the screen and can talk with each other before you record. Just click the start button, and you are recording.
When your done, you stop the interview and then you can go to your recordings and copy the link to show to your class, or HTML to embed in your blog.
Now my first interview was great. Casey did a wonderful job answering the questions I asked her about her experience at CAMT 2011, in Grapevine, Texas. The only real problem I could tell was a double voice for Casey. My fault of course. You have a mic on your screen. I believe, when I was not talking, I needed to mute that mic. Thus solving the problem of the double voice. All in all it was a great experience and I can definitely see my students using Wetoku in my class this coming year. If your checking out my blog and you'd like to connect with my students this coming year, send me a tweet @dakretschmer or leave a comment and I'll get back with you. Let's Wetoku together!
CAMT 2011 Wetoku:

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