Sunday, July 24, 2011


This week my task was to sign up for Storybird, create a class Avatar and then create a Storybird. I believe that this was the hardest task so far. I'm a math teacher, and writing stories sounds a lot like an English project. Trying to complete my project in a hurry, I wrote a short story about being alone. I of course threw math in at the end by asking you to write a problem based on one of the pictures you saw in the book. How do you get started? Just go to Storybird and set up your account.
Then you need to select teacher and class. This will open up the rest of the registration, with an e-mail confirmation to follow. Once you respond to the e-mail, you are ready to create your first Storybird. Get your account set up and it will bring you to the screen below. You can watch a tutorial, set up your class Avator, add an assignment for your class, or read other Storybirds. I decided to set up the Avator first and then read other Storybirds.
Once I was done with the Avator and looking at other great Storybirds, I decided I should watch the tutorial. Then I was ready to create my very own Storybird. I clicked on the create tab at the top and it took me to a page with wonderful artwork.
There are so many pages of art. You can get inspired by the art or have an idea of what your looking for and keep scrolling through until that one picture catches your eye. I was just looking for art that was interesting and that caught my eye. My story was going to have to be inspired by the art. Once selected, you are ready to start your Storybird. Select a cover and let your creative juices flow.Your students will be creating exciting books. I thought in math that students could write a story problem based on the art and have a question to answer at the end. The last page could be the editors notes where they describe how you solve the problem in the story with the answer. If you can think of other uses in math just let me know.
In the end you have a beautiful story, at least I thought mine was. I never have written a book before. No Pulitzer, but still my first book and something to be proud of. Check out my book below and start your Storybird today.

Alone by gatormath7 on Storybird

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