Sunday, August 7, 2011

TinyVox App

I really like TinyVox. It is a free app for your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. I have TinyVox installed on my iPad. It is a cool little recording device that allows you to record your message and send it out in an email, to Facebook, to Twitter, or to a SoundCloud account.

How could you use it in your math class? My thoughts were to let students record their thoughts about the project you had today, or what they learned in class, or just about any question you ask of them. It could be their ticket out the door. Instead of writing 140 characters or less on Twitter, they can record their thoughts and send it to Twitter. One way to post larger bits of information as your students Twitter. You can also post their TinyVox to your class blog just to change up how students respond to your question or post. I had to create a class SoundCloud account to get the Html, but then it was real easy to embed. The only downfall I found was that ads run across the top of the recorder. But I can live with that.

div>Just download the app, and start recording. Once you are done, you can preview the recording. If you don't like it, just start over. If you do, just click on the tape deck at the top to give your recording a name and send it out. It is that easy. If you have used TinyVox in your classroom, or have thoughts on other ways to use it, let me know. Have you sent your first recording?

Check out my TinyVox:
Viewing via iPad:

TinyVox in Your Classroom by Gatormath7

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