Sunday, July 3, 2011

Glogster EDU in the Math Classroom

Go paperless, save the environment, and receive projects that will blow your mind away.....Yep, that's Glogster EDU. Again, I will have to attribute my knowledge of this great tool to a colleague of mine, Misty Ortega. I really miss her in our math department, but she is now creating great interactive lessons in our science department.

I first used Glogster as a presentation tool for my students to review a unit on percents/decimals/fractions and then at the end of our 1st semester. I used a glog to introduce the project and explain the expectations. Students then designed their glog, working in pairs. The last day of the 6- weeks we viewed the student glogs and played some of the interactive games that students found on the web. That's right, interactive games. The glog allows you to post links, pictures, and videos of just about anything you want. I found a great post about Glogster at , check it out.

I thought I would do a different type of project the second semester, but all the presentation formats were old school, like comic strip, cube, and mobile. My students immediately requested to do a glog. I, of course, added a glog as a choice for them. Out of the 70 projects completed, 57 were glogs. I think the only draw back I had with it was students losing their passwords, so we went in and changed them to their ids and then we were set. I do think that I am going to investigate Join Me as a way to show the glogs with less time between loading them. Check out the link and look for a later post about Join Me.
Another way to show all your glogs, is to put the glogs in a glog. Check out Ms. Zaruba's class glog she put together. She designed a glog to explain her project as I mentioned above. Here is the link to hers: Ms. Zaruba's Guidelines & mine: Ms. Kretschmer's Guidelines for percent project.
Try something new this year instead of the traditional poster and watch your students get excited about explaining math and creating like never before.


  1. Good job, Deborah. Are you showing samples of student blogs in your presentations this summer? JF

  2. I meant glogs. This auto correct can be a pain. Sorry..Jf

  3. Yep....We are bringing some that we printed.

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