Monday, July 18, 2011

NT Bootcamp week 2

I survived another week of bootcamp. Yea! My mission was to comment on a voicethread from the camp and create one, then copy a screen shot of the thread to my wiki page with a link. I was also tasked with thinking how I could use this tool in my classroom.
The voicethread is pretty easy. Commenting was another story. The actual task is easy. You can use a web cam and video your response, record your voice, or type in your answer. I decided to use the web cam. This was more difficult then I thought. First, I didn't like my hair up, then my voice sounded funny, then I moved the computer and cut off half my face.....this went on and on and on, until I finally said this one is it. After the web cam ordeal, I chose to just use voice recording on my thread for the wiki space.
Thinking of what pictures you want to include and how to incorporate the math with the thread required much thought. For the bootcamp, I simply put a picture up that I took at Baylor University and recorded a thread asking students to identify all the 2-D and 3-D shapes they could find. Very simple concept and not to high on Bloom's taxonomy. But I just wanted to create my first thread and this seemed simple.
How do you do this? First you need to register for your free account at Voicethread.
Once you register you are ready to upload your picture(s) and add your instructional thread and open it up to your students. You get 8 free threads with the account. Your students can sign up for their own threads to. Here is a link to my first voicethread: 2-D & 3-D shapes. Keep in mind, it was my first and it is very basic!
How could you use it in math?
1) Geometry: Add photos of different sites and ask kids to draw on the picture and describe what they see.
2) Word problems: You could post word problems or pictures of how two different students solved the problem and ask students to show where mistakes were made or what was done correctly.
3) Portfolios: Students can design their own thread and take pictures of their work throughout the year and describe what they learned from the activity, worksheet, test or whatever assignment they post in the thread. They would then comment on each of their pictures.
4) Videos: The video could be from a web site or one the students created and you could ask students leading questions about what they saw, and they could comment about the video.
I am sure there are many more uses out there. Ideas or thoughts, let me know. It's free, why not create your first voicethread today!

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